About Hira Public School


Hira Public School, Tando Adam is being run by Tando Adam Educational Society, which was established by a local Philanthropist Mr. Abdul Sattar Ghauri in 1992.



“We envisage ourselves as a nationally acknowledged School System grooming the new generation to be true embodiments of civic sense, and enkindling the love for the humanity in true Islamic perspective”.


The Hira Public School is committed to pursuing excellence, providing financially affordable superior quality education aiming at producing academically proficient, committed and morally upright individuals, keen to contribute towards raising a harmonious fraternity.

The Vision and Mission Statement are the outcome of a seminar attended by all the stakeholders viz management, representatives of parents teacher. The key elements emerging from the stated vision stated vision statement are:

• School chain of excellence,
• Development of overall personality of students,
• Inculcation of civic sense in Islamic perspective, and
• Provision of financially affordable superior quality education

SUPERINTENDENCE: The governance of the school has been entrusted to a Governing Body elected by the members of the TandoAdam Educational Society in accordance with its Chart. The Secretary General of the Governing Body acts as the Chief Executive of the school. He oversees and manages the affairs of the School through the Executive Director assisted by the headteachers of the respective school.